In Conversation with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

October 10, 2023
Galore Magazine has dubbed Brittany as the Elizabeth Gilbert or Oprah Winfrey for the Millennial generation. Brittany Krystantos is the author of two books, “I Am Not Your Average Teen” (which became an Amazon bestseller!) and “Beneath and Beyond,” both of which detail her childhood struggles with mental health and child mutism. Along with being a motivational speaker and mental health activist. You can follow her on Instagram @brittkrystantos .
This story took place in Canada

Pledge to Take Action

(Brittany Krystantos and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau/Courtesy of Sam Blay @samblayphotography)

In conversation, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sat down with mental health advocate Brittany Krystantos, and discussed some of his darkest moments and personal hardships. He also shared how his own experiences drive his commitment to making mental health an importance in Canada.

Besides being a leader of a country, the Prime Minister is also an individual, a loving father, and a man who also has been influenced by mental health, shedding light on how his experiences fuel his commitment to making mental health more accessible in Canada and his determination to continually raise awareness for mental health.

Watch the entire interview below!

Pledge to Take Action