‘In Kind Boxes’ Support New Moms in Need

September 08, 2020

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In Kind Boxes is a nonprofit organization based near Portland, Oregon. We are female-founded and run. We believe that every mother and child deserves the same high standard of care. We have curated a gift box filled with organic bath and personal care items- a great gift for new moms and their babies! For every In Kind gift box that we sell, we donate one to a family in need. 

In Kind was created out of a compassion for new moms, especially those in need. We want moms to know that they are not alone. We are here for them and we care. The gift box itself was built because we wanted to be able to give moms a gift that would provide them with high quality, useful items that would last. Not your typical “starter kit,” or goodie bag full of samples and coupons where most items would go unused, or go straight to the recycling bin. We wanted our gift to have an impact, and truly be helpful for moms.

Becoming a mom is an amazing time. There is so much love and excitement, but there is also a lot of anxiety and pressure to provide the best for your baby. Receiving our gift box helps take some of that stress away. Several items from our gift boxes can be added to a hospital bag, diaper bag, or baby’s nursery. We chose the items based on what we used as moms, so we know how truly useful they are.

The gift boxes we donate are distributed through local organizations we have partnered within the Greater Portland Area. These organizations help families in need by providing them with healthcare, education, emotional support, shelter, and much more. They distribute our boxes to mamas as needed.  We have been told that the moms receiving our boxes are so excited by our gift, and love that it is a gift for them as well as for baby. In Kind boxes truly do make moms feel loved and cared for.

As a nonprofit we rely on donations, as well as gift box purchases to keep us going. All funds that we make from sales and donations go directly toward furthering our mission to help families. We use the money we receive to purchase the items that go in our boxes. We have a dozen standard items that go inside every box. We are grateful to our suppliers for supporting our mission to help moms. Our gift boxes are made and filled locally in the Portland area. We love working with, and supporting women-run businesses with our purchases.

In Kind is a volunteer-run organization. We give our time because we care. What we are doing is important because we are setting an example of kindness. Kindness matters to us, and we hope our work will inspire others to pay it forward. 

We are not doing what we do to make a profit. We are here to help moms. As mothers, we often put ourselves last. We’re here to put moms first, and to show them the same love and care that they give to their families. Our boxes are important because they are a meaningful gift curated and packed with love. When moms open them, they can feel that love. Receiving an In Kind box as a gift, and knowing that a mom in need received the same gift because of you is so special. We can’t think of a more meaningful way to shower a new mom with love than that. 

We hope you’ll join us on our mission to help moms!

Pledge to Take Action

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