How This Student Overcame Substance Abuse + Recovered From Addiction

April 11, 2024

I am Lela Precious Dolo, a young Liberian medical student passionate about creating positive changes in my society. I hold a BSc. Degree in Biology and Chemistry from Stella Maris Polytechnic University-Liberia and a Health and Cultural Exchange certificate from the OST-University and Linth Hospital-Switzerland.

Over the years, I have raised funds for and implemented several impact-driven projects in and around my community, including capacity-building workshops for youth and food distribution to less fortunate families during COVID-19. In 2021, I initiated a project called “Help a Mother and Newborn in Liberia,” geared towards addressing challenges faced in reducing maternal and newborn deaths in Liberia.  In addition to managing this great project and being a medical student, I am using my skills and expertise to raise awareness of mental health issues, fight stigma, and advocate for improved services as a mental health champion for The Carter Center mental health program in Liberia.

In life, we all have a calling and a purpose of life. Mine is service to others through creating change and expressing humanity.

This story took place in Liberia

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Content Warning: This Channel Kindness Radio episode deals with topics of addiction and substance abuse. If you or someone you know is struggling, please visit our Get Help page to find support near you:

“It takes a lot of courage to share about your addiction and share about your challenges.”

In this Channel Kindness Radio episode, I interview my friend from Malawi, who struggled with substance abuse as a student. “It was easy for me to be influenced by people around me,” she said. “I realized I was doing this mostly to please them, to make them happy.”

Throughout our conversation, my friend bravely talked me through her story and share some advice for anyone else who may be struggling with an addiction: “It’s important to have people you can confide in, people you can trust…Keep your circle small and with people whose interest align with yours.”

To learn more about my friend’s journey with overcoming substance abuse and to hear her advice and mental health resources that could help others who are struggling, check out this Channel Kindness Radio episode below:

Pledge to Take Action