Project 1324: Design Kindness Challenge Winners

September 08, 2018

We partnered with Adobe’s Project 1324 to call on artists aged 13-24 to share what being kind to their minds, bodies, and/or communities means to them. The winners listed below received the most appreciations, and we were so floored by the talent of the submissions that we had to include honorable mentions, too! Check them out below!


Be Kind To The Ones You Love

Artist: Elielton Souza
Instagram/Twitter/Behance: @elielrin 

Gesture Of Kindness

Artist: Jaydon Rowbottom
Instagram: @robot.tom

Be Kind To Your Mind

Artist: Flo Wong

A Virtue

Artist: Mélissa Antier Cárdenas
Instagram: @microbe___ 


Repeat After Me

Artist: Thais Rocha
Instagram: @dame_tualma

I Feel Love

Artist: Rocío Castañeda
Instagram: @poni_castaaneda

Kindness Means Acceptance

Artist: Nikol Greplova
Instagram: @gre_ni_

Be Kind To Your Community

Artist: Ana Gabriela

To Love Your Own Thoughts

Artist: Kat Carson
Instagram: @Ira_Lust 


Flowering Consciousness

Artist: Diana Manitu

Be Kind To Your Body

Artist: Alice Bajaj
Instagram: @alicebajaj

The Best Thing About Kindness

Artist: Emiliano Morales

Be Kind To Your Mind Part 1 and Part 2

Artist: Flo Wong