Kindness Is Being There

October 11, 2022
This story took place in United States

Pledge to Take Action

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day, and as we reflect on global movements to encourage community and mental wellness, we want to underscore the importance of learning how to be there in a way that is informed, safe, and kind.

October marks fall weather and a transition into the holiday season for many of us, and that can mean fun gatherings and time spent with loved ones. The holidays can also be a difficult time for many, mentally and emotionally. For that reason and many others, that is why we want to share a kind reminder to earn your Be There Certificate through a free, online mental health course that is self-paced and available in English, French, and Spanish.

Click here to earn your Be There Certificate or visit

We’re often asked to check in with our loved ones but don’t always have the proper tools to do that. It can feel awkward to talk about mental health and we want to get it right when offering support to someone saying they’re having a difficult time. The Be There Certificate provides a simple, actionable framework that teaches people how to recognize when someone might be struggling, understand their role in supporting that person, and learn how to connect them to the help they need and deserve. When you take the course, you’re also taught skills for caring for your own mental health because we can’t pour from empty cups.

Thank you for helping to build a kinder, braver world starting with caring for your own and others’ mental health. We are grateful for you, and we hope you know you are loved, you matter, and resources to support your mental health are available.

Pledge to Take Action