Channel Kindness Radio: Lela + Rahul

December 18, 2023
This story took place in Liberia and India

Pledge to Take Action

Though they live on different sides of the world, Born This Way Foundation Youth Advisory Board members Lela and Rahul – who are also doctors(!) came together to discuss mental health in medical education settings in their respective home countries of Liberia and India. They dive into the challenges of that come with prioritizing wellness while in medical school, the solutions that can help cultivate a resilient and compassionate healthcare setting, and how we can all work to integrate helpful mental health practices in our everyday life.

This interview is part of a series on Channel Kindness Radio in which members of the Advisory Board interview each other about their various experiences, perspectives, and hopes. You can check out the entire podcast below and the transcript here!

Lela Precious Dolo (she/her/hers) is a young Liberian medical student passionate about creating positive changes in my society. I hold a BSc. Degree in Biology and Chemistry from Stella Maris Polytechnic University-Liberia and a Health and Cultural Exchange certificate from the OST-University and Linth Hospital-Switzerland. In 2021, she initiated a project called “Help a Mother and Newborn in Liberia,” geared towards addressing challenges faced in reducing maternal and newborn deaths in Liberia. Every day, thousands of Liberian women and their babies are exposed to the risk of dying from preventable pregnancy and delivery-related complications. 

Dr. Rahul Rangan (he/him/his), from India, is a medical practitioner by profession, an over-thinker by force and a musician by passion. He believes in healing through kindness. An extension of which is his self-produced album focused on tackling social issues, an orchestration through catharsis. He wants to build a world where kindness is palpable, love is embraceable, and acceptance is breathtaking. A world where open and honest discussions will help alleviate anxiety. A world where a flood of people come together to celebrate love and identity. A world where bravery highlights the importance of community and togetherness.

Pledge to Take Action