#BeKind21: Spread Optimism and Help Kids in Need

September 17, 2019
This story took place in United States

Today’s #BeKind21 message is brought to you by our partners at Life is Good.

Today is Positive Thinking Day — join Life is Good in spreading optimism, gratitude, compassion, and more to help kids in need.

At Life is Good, optimism is at the root of everything that we do. When founders Bert and John Jacobs sold their very first tees, the simple idea of focusing on the good was what started it all.

Optimism is not just a philosophical viewpoint and it’s not irrational cheerfulness. Optimism is a powerful strategy for accomplishing goals and living a fulfilling life. It also makes life a lot more fun! Optimism enables us to access the ten most important tools we have for living a happy and fulfilling life. We call them the Life is Good Superpowers. But unlike x-ray vision or Herculean strength, these Superpowers are accessible to us all and can help overcome obstacles, drive forward with greater purpose, and enjoy the ride of life.


For our 25th anniversary this year, we asked our community to spread more optimism by simply sharing #SomethingGood. For every share, $1 is donated to The Life is Good Kids Foundation. So far, we’ve raised over $750,000 through all those good vibes, but we’re not done yet…

Starting today, Positive Thinking Day, we’ll share original art inspired by optimism and our 10 Superpowers!


Your kindness challenge today: Discover your inner Superpower and share it with the world to help kids in need. We also encourage you to choose one of the images above that speaks to you or even create something completely original to share.

Thank you for spreading good vibes, positivity, and kindness!

P.S. Invite a friend to join the challenge: bornthisway.foundation/bekind21.