The Ride For Missing Children

December 12, 2017

Reanna Zappavigna, 21, was born and raised in Rome, New York and is currently a senior at the State University of New York at Cortland. She studies physical education and is completing her Masters in special education during the next year. She is interested in getting today’s students active, helping students with disabilities participate in sports, getting everyone to outdoors, and helping her students find their passions. In Reanna’s free time you will find her leading outdoor trips for college students, playing field hockey, snowboarding, doing yoga, and finding new adventures.

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Earlier this year Channel Kindness Reporter, Reanna Zappavigna, attended the 21 st annual Ride for Missing Children in Central NY. Learn more about why and how this annual event means so much to families across America.

The Ride for Missing Children started with just seven and has now grown to 500 riders, 150 volunteers, and numerous family members of missing children. The 2017 ride raised over $300,000 to keep children safe and make them safer one child at a time. The goal is to spread awareness about missing children, about child safety, and keeping hope for the families of missing children.

Known as the biggest fundraiser for the Central New York Branch of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the ride is composed of long-time riders, local businesses, schools, and organizations. Funds go directly toward missing children community education programs and the posters featuring the missing children from all over the state. The local branch in Utica is the only geographically targeted poster distribution center in the United States. The posters printed there are sent to locations, which have been strategically identified as areas where children and their abductors may be found.

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