New Year, New Playlist

January 30, 2022
This story took place in United States

Pledge to Take Action

To celebrate the new year, we created a playlist that celebrates kindness, love, and bravery! We invite you to sing along, dance along, and check out our playlist below!

1.  Crowded Table –  We’re excited to start off our playlist with a song that’s all about community + spreading the love: “If it’s love that we give/ Then it’s love that we reap”


2. the end – This song reminds us that endings can open the way for new, beautiful beginnings: “All good things come to an end/ To make room for new beginnings”


3. Heaven on Earth – The new year can’t begin without Britney! We love the lyrics: “I’d move across the world for you (whole world)/ Just tell me when, just tell me where, I’ll come to you”


4. South –  On the days where life is hard, Hippo Campus reminds us how strong we are: “Back straight and chest out, just like a soldier”


5. Escapade – With the pandemic, it’s nice to escape into fantasy sometimes. Janet encourages us to dance and take a few minutes to live our best fantastical life:“Let’s save our troubles for another day (Save it for another day), Come go with me, we’ve got it made (Go escapade), Let me take you on an escapade” 


6. Ways to Go –  Here’s to growth and working on being our best selves: “Oh, I got a little bit longer, I got a ways to go-oh-oh”


7. We Can Do Hard Things –  As we start off the new year, never forget that you are strong and capable: “and through the joy and pain, that our lives bring/ we can do hard things”

To check out our full playlist, click here:

Pledge to Take Action