Pride 2022: A Recap + Call For Action

July 07, 2022
This story took place in United States

Pledge to Take Action

In honor of Pride, Born This Way Foundation pledged to give and match all funds raised in June to emerging LGBTQ+ organizations across the U.S. in partnership with CenterLink, an international network that strengthens, supports, and connects LGBTQ+ community-based organizations.

Through a community of individual donors like you, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and corporate partners, we are proud to report that we raised $248,479. With our match, that means we are giving $496,958 to 132 organizations working tirelessly to connect young people with needed care, affirmation, and accessible resources to support their wellness.

Map of the U.S. with purple dots indicating locations of LGBTQ+ centers. Black text to the left of the map reads, "Discover LGBTQ+ centers near you or near your heart. Visit

As members of our Born This Way Foundation community, you know Pride is a year-round effort so we kindly invite you to click here to learn more about these organizations and how you can get involved to support their work, including: LGBTQ S.A.V.E.S. in Fort Worth, TX, Salus Center in Lansing, MI, All Rainbow and Allied Youth, Inc. in Port Charlotte, Florida, among many others.

Photo of a person at a Pride event with their back to the camera. They are in front of a red umbrella and wrapped in a Trans Pride flag.

Thank you so much for every dollar you gave, every social media share you posted in support of this fundraiser, and every time you helped remind someone (including you!) that they are loved and needed in this world. We’re so grateful to build a kinder and braver world with you.

Pledge to Take Action