Exploring Kindness With Sammie Smiles

May 13, 2022
This story took place in United States

Pledge to Take Action

At 13 year old, Sammie Vance’s mission is to spread kindness and smiles! And she even has her very own podcast called Sammie Smiles! On her latest episode, she interviews our very own Channel Kindness author – Hana Mangat – about mental health and the power of kindness.

Sammie, who was named a TIME Kid of the Year finalist, is no stranger to kindness. In addition to starting a “Sending Smiles” initiative during COVID that brought encouragement and smiles to over 4,000 people, she also started “Sammy’s Buddy Bench Project,” to encourage kids to make friends on the playground!

Take a look below as Sammie and Hana discuss all things kindness!


Pledge to Take Action