Songs To Help You Cope With Anxiety

May 02, 2023
This story took place in United States

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Meet Sevey and Kameron, two of the young adults featured in “Anxious Nation” – a documentary that takes a deep look into the crisis of anxiety and mental health in America, especially its impact on kids (ages 10-26) and families.

In addition to journaling and talking to friends, one of the ways Sevey and Kameron cope with their anxiety is by listening to music. Below are some of their favorite hits to help them through the difficult times. We encourage you to check them out, listen to the playlist, and share your favorite songs with us!

MATILDA by Harry Styles
Sevey: This song is so beautiful, and has such a lovely melody. I turn this song on when I’m feeling anxious over friends or family as a reminder that even if it seems tough now, things can always get better in the future!

ANXIETY by Megan Thee Stallion 
Sevey: This song was really cool to me when it first came out, because I really haven’t heard of an artist come so clean and open about struggles with anxiety, so this song was super cool for me to listen to! I turn this song on when I need some pumping up and a reminder that everyone has bad days sometimes.

IF I CAN DREAM by Elvis Presley
Sevey: I am absolutely in love with this song. Elvis had such an impact on the music industry, and for me has had an impact on my life as well, with his soulful and powerful songs. This song reminds me to never give up no matter how difficult times get and how it’s worth it to keep dreaming! 

VIENNA by Billy Joel
Sevey: This song is new into my playlist, but I absolutely love it. The lyrics “slow down, you’re doing fine, you can’t be everything you wanna be before your time” really resonates with me and my life because sometimes I feel like I need to achieve my goals right now, and that causes me HUGE anxiety, so this song is a good reminder to take it slow, slow and steady wins the race!


FANTASY by Earth Wind& Fire


TELL ME by 52nd Street

Sevey: This is a song from my childhood, and when I turn it on it reminds me of all the fun memories I have at my old house, which makes me super happy whenever I’m upset. I think this rendition of this song is beautiful.

Sevey: The band who wrote this, AJR, is really special to me. All of their songs remind me of very special and fun times I’ve had with my best friend who lives far away from me, and this song in particular is about mental health – “nobody knows what your going through, so just be you. I’ll be that too, no one should know if you bleed red or blue you just bleed you…” This song helps calm me when I feel stressed or sad, and it’s a constant reminder that if you find the right people you will have an incredible support team by your side, which is one of the most important things to have when struggling with mental health. 

FEELING GOOD by Michael Buble
Sevey: This is SUCH an empowering song. I turn this on after a good cry sesh to remind myself what I’m worth. It makes me feel super good and even a bit powerful, like I’m taking the power back from my anxiety!

LOVE GROWS by Edison Lighthouse
Sevey: This is one of my favorite feel good songs. My favorite lyric is “oh, but love grows where my rosemary goes and nobody knows like me” and I turn this on when I want to feel happy! Personally, this song is super fun to blast in the car and sing along too at the top of your lungs!

THE RIVER SONG by Everybody Knows

HIT THE ROAD JACK by Ray Charles



Sevey: I used to live in New York, and I know for me, sometimes some of my anxiety comes from feeling a bit homesick, which I know a bunch of people who have moved can feel the same, so this song makes me feel at home and closer to New York while being here in California! Taylor is a musical mastermind, her songs have the most addictive lyrics and tune, and that’s definitely what this song is!

VIVA LA VIDA by Coldplay
Sevey: This song is another one of my favorite childhood songs, but for me this song represents freedom and the feeling of being free, and wild and the tune makes me feel so alive, so I’ll turn on this song while taking a walk or when I’m in the gym! 

To listen to the entire list of Sevey and Kameron’s favorite songs, check out our playlist below!

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