Two Pre-Teen Brothers Spread Smiles to COVID Patients

September 07, 2020

Two brothers Hurshneet Chahda,15, and Pravneet Chahda, 12, founded Project Smile AZ to stay connected to patients in hospitals, send them cards, and lift their spirits.

Pledge to Take Action

We are two brothers, Hurshneet and Pravneet ( 15 and 12) from Arizona who initiated Project Smile AZ to help spread smiles by sending thoughtful and caring messages to patients battling with COVID-19.

Both our parents are healthcare heroes who have been working hard and helping patients in their fight for coronavirus. We wanted to do our part to help. With hospital rules to limit visitors, patients have been extremely lonely and need a cheer-me-up thought.

That’s exactly what our smile cards do! Through Project Smile AZ, we have made more than 1,500 Smile cards and have been donating them to hospitals across Phoenix and also sent to Navajo Nation.

In addition, we have been making and donating Project Smile AZ kits which include card stock, construction paper, crayons, and markers for kids who are less fortunate but would wish to contribute. We have donated kits to Child Crisis Centre of Arizona and are now making for kids with special needs as well.

Our hope is to bring smiles to those kids who will make the cards and to those patients who will receive the cards. We feel this is a win-win situation. Check out Project Smile AZ on Facebook or via our website

You can contribute by sending handmade cards to:
Project Smile AZ
PO box 10477
Glendale AZ 85318

Or by donating supplies to the amazon wishlist here.

Pledge to Take Action