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October 25, 2020
This story took place in United States

Pledge to Take Action

Through Born This way Foundation’s conversations with young people, we know how important it is for them to feel supported, cared for, and loved. In fact, our research shows that kind words go a long way, and we want to remind every single young person how important they are. Help us make a young person’s day by writing a kind letter to them!

Letter Requirements:

  • Legible handwriting
  • No profanity, political, or religious topics
  • There is no length requirement – All that matters is that you write the letter with kindness!
  • If you’d like to draw a picture or include any art, please make sure the picture is appropriate!
  • If sending multiple notes, please do not seal in individual envelopes. 

If you’re stuck on what to write, check out Maya’s letter above or this example letter below:
Hi Friend!
You are so brave, talented, and deserving of all the beautiful things life has to offer. Remember that you are very much needed in this world, and we are so proud of who you are! You have already accomplished so much – keep going! We believe in you!
Sending love, 

When you’re finished writing your letter, please send it to:

Born This Way Foundation
c/o DKC 
261 5th Ave.
3rd Fl.
New York, NY 10016

These letters will be going to the youth we work with in communities all across the country!

Pledge to Take Action