Support LGBTQ+ Youth Mental Health

June 07, 2023
This story took place in United States

Pledge to Take Action

From its inception, Pride has been about taking action to ensure LGBTQ+ people are respected, affirmed, and liberated to be exactly who they are without judgment or persecution. It is disheartening and frightening that in 2023, LGBTQ+ youth and any affirming guardians, educators, care providers, or other adults in their lives, are facing unprecedented legal attacks in the U.S. and rising discriminatory policies globally. As a member of our Born This Way Foundation community, you know kindness is action, and we need your kindness to build a world that provides love, validation, and resources for especially our most vulnerable young people.

That is why I am kindly inviting you to join me in donating to our Pride Fund benefiting community organizations through CenterLink, the world’s largest LGBTQ+ community-based association, whose mission is to strengthen, support, and connect LGBTQ+ centers. This year, we’re partnering with CenterLink to support its organization members based in states that have passed or have active legislation directly harming LGBTQ+ youth. 

When you donate to our Pride Fund, you will support organizations that serve as sanctuaries, provide essential resources such as housing, food, and gender-affirming clothing, and actively advocate against discriminatory policies and for policies that reflect the kinder, braver world young people deserve. 

If you can’t donate, we kindly ask that you share the link to donate with your community and on social media. It takes all of us, together, to support youth mental health by countering discrimination with love and affirmation and countering deprivation with abundant resources.

To find an LGBTQ+ center near you, please visit:

Pledge to Take Action