To Those Far Away at Sea

May 02, 2024
A passionate wordsmith and mental health advocate dedicated to using the power of storytelling to inspire and uplift others.
This story took place in Nigeria

Pledge to Take Action

Remember to be patient with yourselves, all you people out at sea.

You may need to place your hands on your heart, take some time to yourself, and focus on your breathing to discover it. Getting it could need some asking. Because it is buried behind the mountain of everyday push, bustle, and hurry, you may have been too exhausted to seek it out.

Relax and take it easy. Become one with your breath.

Look about you and all the pieces you’re carrying. Keep track of how you’re feeling physically. Find out where you are by opening your eyes. Seal them and experience the burden of your own weight. Take note of whether you need to mend, conceal, or bolt immediately. Strive to be fully present and pay attention to every sound that comes up. Trust is essential for this. Anticipate escaping from yourself and then returning. Feeling vulnerable when we tune into our body is a scary prospect.

Gather yourself and unfurl gently when the time comes. Be really interested in what you observe as you unwrap each item. Try looking at things with nonjudgmental eyes, eyes that are eager to discover and learn. We tend to keep criticism in our eyes, so watch for a softening of your look.

Unleash your love for yourself by embracing your body with your arms. Find out that it’s okay to let yourself be held gently. Relax and soften your hands. Make your body feel valued by treating it with care and pleasure via touch. Stop labeling everything as ugly or unclean and start appreciating it for what it is. They should be renamed. Nouns that pay homage to the place and tell the truth about your past. Your words have great weight. See how strong it is. The frequency and intensity of demeaning language will become more apparent to you as time goes on. Your capacity to overcome humiliation and pain will become clear to you as time passes.

Discover embarrassment. Delve into its channel if it seems secure. Follow it and see what happens. What does it lead to? Do you hear any messages? Hold your breath as the memories of the past reawaken inside you. Keep your love unwavering. Always keep in mind that you have progressed.

Take root and embrace the elements like a tree. If you refuse to acknowledge the space you’re in, you’ll start to fade away. Be careful not to get angry and bitter if you don’t give yourself what you need. Give yourself permission to experience life to the fullest. More space opens up with each breath in and out.

Relax your grip on these routines when you don’t need to and tighten them when you do. Keep in mind that you are malleable. You are a complex and multi-faceted entity who is always evolving. You are free to let go of any self-constricting notions that are holding you back. Discover a lovely belief system that you may embrace and call your own. Let the tides of your waters rise and fall.

This is strenuous labor, and your muscles will require rest and recovery to adapt. Start with a single breath; it is the largest and most courageous step you can take. Rejoice at the times you love yourself and mourn the times you realize you don’t. Love becomes more accessible the longer we are lovers. 

There is affection for you. As the raging storm rages around you, clutch it close to your heart.

You don’t have to figure it out by yourself, my weary and powerful companion. I have been to land before, and I am here.

Pledge to Take Action