Tomorrow is World Kindness Day

November 12, 2020

Last week, as the election neared and tensions heated up on all sides, I changed the magnetic letter board in my kitchen to read, “Kindness matters, always and in all ways.” Elections are a celebration of democracy, of the power of our individual and collective voices. I’ve proudly voted in every one since I became eligible, and I very much believe that voting is an act of kindness.

Thank you for your record levels of kindness last week. Voters, especially young voters, showed up in record numbers to make their voices heard and shape the political futures of their neighborhoods and our country. As we get ready to celebrate World Kindness Day tomorrow, I want to encourage you to keep the kindness going. Our whole team at Born This Way Foundation is excited to spread kindness this week and we want to know how you’re spreading kindness, too. For example, I’ve been spending time volunteering with the Monument Crisis Center and supporting their work addressing food insecurity.

Shadille will be hunkering down as Tropical Storm Eta reaches South Florida and providing meals to the brave first responders in her community. Risa will cook batches of soup for her housed and unhoused neighbors in Oakland. Mitu will volunteer to get out the vote for Georgia’s upcoming special elections. In big and small ways, kindness shapes each and every day.

We’re also teaming up with HAUS LABS to encourage anyone and everyone to perform one of the kindest acts of all – prioritizing your own mental wellness. We’ll be highlighting our #PleaseStayPledge in creative ways all day tomorrow. Learn more and find suggestions for anchors to keep you here:

As you can tell, World Kindness Day is a major celebration for our team. How will you mark the day? Tell us online by tagging @btwfoundation and #WorldKindnessDay.