Be Exceptional Programs Support People With Special Needs

October 22, 2020


I would like to share a story about a nonprofit I direct, Be Exceptional Programs, which provides recreational classes, social activities, and events for kids, teens, and adults with special needs.

Be Exceptional Programs began 15 years ago at a small family dance studio providing just one dance class for a group of only three students. As we gained more students, we created social events as a way to help families and caregivers take a break and give the students socializing opportunities.

As years went on and our community grew, more classes, events, and activities were added; making Be Exceptional what it is today. At Be Exceptional, we promote a family-like, community-based environment and are supportive of everyone involved in our program.

What makes this program special is that all of the classes are volunteer-run by my two daughters, their friends, and peers. They organize dance classes, a cheerleading team, skateboarding classes, and even dances, parties, and proms, as well as providing one on one support to every student that needs help. One-on-one support, which we call our “buddy system,” is a fundamental piece in all of our classes and events. Our buddy system gives both the students and volunteers the opportunity to grow together.

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