#BeKind21: An Invitation

August 24, 2022

Pledge to Take Action

I usually reserve this sentence for the rare occasions I cook dinner for my children, but “back by popular demand.. noodles with red sauce” … and #BeKind21.

As you know, #BeKind21 is an annual program, now in its fifth year, that invites participants to practice intentional kindness toward themselves and others each day from September 1-21. As of our launch of #BeKind21 in 2018, we have recruited thousands of partners including classrooms, schools, school districts, entire cities, companies, nonprofit organizations, and more, to generate over 291 million pledged acts of kindness globally.

Click here to sign up for #BeKind21 and join our global kind community.

When we consider a number that large, it’s hard to put into terms that feel understandable. I mean, what does 291 million even look like? Here’s how I’ve witnessed that show up – colleagues welcoming coworkers into new work environments, families taking even more time to connect (and play), checking in on loved ones and continuing conversations about mental health and urging them to please stay, classrooms establishing rules for affirmation and respect like having students and educators introduce themselves using their pronouns, and, last but certainly not least for stationery lovers like me, a bright, fun calendar hanging on your refrigerator with kind acts that spark discussion.

The numbers and accolades are wonderful and I’m in awe of them and the hard working team that achieved them, but I know that for me and for our team at Born This Way Foundation, they’re not the reason we do this work. You are.. and this year, as you’ve done the past four years, you’ll make it your own. #BeKind21 will be an opportunity to foster meaningful connections, deepen community, and share inspiring acts of kindness and mental health resources. Click here to get started.

So, let me get out of your way, and leave the link to sign up for #BeKind21 right here for you: bornthisway.foundation/bekind21.

I can’t wait to witness how #BeKind21 will come alive again this year, and I am so grateful for the good you put into the world – in September and always. I also want to thank BRP for being the presenting sponsor of this year’s #BeKind21.

Pledge to Take Action