#BeKind21: Kindness In Action

September 12, 2022

Pledge to Take Action

genconnectU is proud to partner with Born This Way Foundation in promoting acts of kindness each day throughout the month of September. Culminating on the U.N international day of peace, #BeKind21 invites everyone to establish kinder habits in the spirit of compassion. In these courses, genconnectU’s expert coaches share their wealth of knowledge on topics such as: health & wellness, personal development and empowerment.

Tina’s work, Kindness in Action, is a contemporary, state-of-the-art online course that elevates kindness to a higher level of consciousness in your everyday life.

By taking this course you will develop a stronger awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, then learn to appreciate the positive patterns of kindness while replacing negative thoughts and actions. Taking these steps creates a clearer pathway to a happier, more gratifying life.

The author of an award-winning book, “Living Fully, Dying Well” and presenter of the TedX talk, “The Perfect Last Day,” Tina walks and lives the talk when it comes to leading with kindness for a better life.

Pledge to Take Action