#BeKind21: A Few Highlights

September 15, 2022

By Channel Kindness

Pledge to Take Action

We are so grateful for the tens of thousands of you who have already joined our global #BeKind21 movement to build kinder, more connected communities that foster mental wellness. 

Click here and pledge to #BeKind21, or share this link with a friend to sign up: bornthisway.foundation/BeKind21.

A few examples of how you’re practicing kindness toward yourself and others for #BeKind21:

  1. Kindness is sharing kind messages on your mailbox 📫💖

  1. Kindness is giving your furry friends a sweet treat 🐾 

  1. Kindness is writing notes to students, administration, teachers, and staff 💌

  1. Kindness is picking up trash 🗑

  1. Kindness is sharing snacks 🍎🧦   

  1. Kindness is serving your community 🧦

7. Kindness is self-care through meditation 🧘‍♀️

As members of our Born This Way Foundation community, you know kindness is action that can show up in a number of ways. Every single time you share a kind word or note with a friend or stranger, remind yourself you are loved, volunteer in your community, or do any other act of kindness, we hope you know they add up. They add up to a world where people feel loved, affirmed, appreciated, respected, and supported. 

Thank you for helping to build that kinder, braver world through #BeKind21 and beyond. 

Pledge to Take Action