The FIDM Debut Runway Show and the Artistic Expression

May 30, 2018

A graduate of California State University, Los Angeles, with a BA in Film and a Minor in Social Media Marketing, Alfredo Hernández is a writer, director, and producer who has long been a champion for diversity and accessibility in Hollywood. Well-versed on and off set, he has completed the 2018 OutFest Fellowship program, the 2020 CBS Pipeline Challenge, the 2021 Creative Futures Fellowship program, and is a founder for the writers’ group The LatinXorcists. He occasionally writes and creates content for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation subsidiary, Channel Kindness, and was most recently a Writers’ Assistant for Netflix’s Selena: The Series and Narcos: Mexico. 

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s about something else that comes within you.” – Ralph Lauren.

The 2018 FIDM Debut Runway Show kicked off with a bang. With fashion designer and former Project Runway contestant Nick Verreos as the host of the show, we knew we were in for something grand. I sat in the front row not sure how to feel or what to expect.

The show began with their “KINGS & QUEENS” designs based on medieval royal culture. Next came the Chairing Styles, clothes all founded on the artistic expression that was conveyed by the color palette and style of the chair assigned to the designer. All beautiful designs.

Last but not least was the Debut Runway Show, which showcased FIDM’s top talented student designers. Texture, color palette, and truth inspired all designs, each one carrying a piece of the designer’s effort and determination. The highlight of the show included two unforgettable designers: Charity Dahl and Ali Jawad.

In the FIDM runway video that premiered before Charity’s models walked the runway, Charity said, “I’ve always been really into fashion, especially having five sisters and collaborating with them. My main color is red accent it with lime green. I can’t wait to see how it comes together.”

Her style conveyed strength, passion, and confidence. It was clear this was created for women everywhere wanting to make their mark with the simplest of efforts.

As for Detroit native Ali, this was his third time applying to Debut.

“My inspiration came from the Middle East since I’m Lebanese,” he said. “The color scheme is cream to represent the sand and the navy to represent the sky. To say that I am super excited and that this is something that I’ve been waiting for is an understatement.”

His menswear collection caused a near riot at the event. His dedication to the craft paid off immensely. When your craft transcends expectations, it becomes something greater. For all creatives, we seek something beyond the material. We seek an emotion that provides bliss.

The artistic expression is a difficult chase for many, and our inspiration may come from the most unexpected of places: our imagination, insomnia, our friends, our worst fears, love, etc. Life is the thought factory of all our creations.

To watch these designers showcase their work and witness the efforts in their craft says so much more about how connected one is between the physical and mental state. Art demands a certain type of discipline that can only be described via the craftsmanship displayed. As a creative, your work may present vulnerability to the world. Ali’s passion continued to push him despite previous attempts.

So why this story? Why touch on fashion and its creators? Well, because it is an example of what can be achieved when diligence and discipline band together to create something impactful. YOU the reader have more power than you realize. We can all achieve remarkable things when we strive forward despite all odds.

FIDM’s event was more than just a fashion show; it was about how the efforts of one person can create an impact. It was about the efforts of each designer conveyed through their designs.

Life is the journey we all wish was simple. Art is about allowing yourself to be in a state of truth. Art is a medium in which we can ultimately create unity. It is a gateway that allows us to share ideas and beliefs with one another without the need for violence or oppression. Music, fashion, pictures, and videos aren’t just your only art forms.

It all starts with an idea and belief. Write a book, draw, sing, and let yourself be consumed by your moment. We all have our story. We all can create. Share that story and your truth. It is never easy, but don’t underestimate yourself. Even if we can impact just one person, we will have changed the world.

To view all the artistic creations from the 2018 FIDM Debut Runway Show, watch the video below: