The Kindness of a Friend

May 28, 2020

Hi, Everybody, my name is Madalena Holtzman otherwise known as “Maddy” and I am a Channel Kindness Reporter, and this is my first report. I live in Clinton, Connecticut, a small community of about 13,000 residents. When I heard of Born this Way Foundation I was eager to help out in some way.

Last October, my good friend, Braulio Seguinot was in dire need of help to have someone drive him to doctor’s appointments at Yale-New Haven Hospital. He had been diagnosed with a lung deficiency, which started a year ago. He – being so courageous, when I asked him if he needed help – he always said, “No, that’s OK. I am fine.” He had been admitted several times to the local emergency rooms due to Sepsis and then several times later due to lack of oxygen.

The most touching moment was when I really felt like there was some divine plan. It was on Christmas Day  December 25, 2019. Braulio had another admission to the emergency (room). The EMT’s brought him to Yale-New Haven Hospital Intensive Care Unit. He was so lonely. His family is from Puerto Rico, and he had no one to visit him. I brought cookies, we prayed, and I took out my book of Angels, and we read and pray some more. We laughed and cried. But, what he didn’t realize was that he was giving me the biggest present of all, giving back, with just pure Love and heart without needing anything more in return.

Now, I want to introduce my good friend, Braulio Seguinot:

Hello, my name is Braulio Seguinot. My good friend Maddy told me about this program and asked me if I was interested in it, and I said yes. As you know, I have been diagnosed with a lung condition which requires me to be constantly on oxygen, Even though I have this condition, it does not stop me from doing activities and living my life to the fullest. The reason why I want to reach out to other people is because there are people out there who are in the same situation, and I just want to let them know there is hope.

With positive thinking, life does not have to be so bleak, and in these trying days with the (COVID-19) virus, we need positive thinking more than ever. Something as simple as reaching out and calling someone who is alone and scared can be a life-changer. Thanks to my Friend Maddy, I know whenever I have an appointment, or if I need something or just to call to say how are you doing, I know she’s there for me.

I hope this story will help others in any way and be an inspiration to keep going and live life to it’s fullest.