Optiverse: For Students, By Students

August 02, 2021

My name is Aryan Maggo and I turned 17 last December. I have been brought up in India and I am currently completing my last year of school studying science in New Delhi. I am studying the sciences as well as pursuing my passion for entrepreneurship as a social entrepreneur. Some of my other interests include Photography, Economics, Theatre, Researching on Extra-terrestrials, Tennis, and Reading. I got to know about my Leadership and Communication skills back in 2015 when I was elected as the Junior School President. I strongly believe the Harder you work, the luckier you get and try to excel in whatever skill I am willing to learn.

Pledge to Take Action

I am a high school senior and a social entrepreneur. In August 2020, I founded Optiverse, an online platform, developed completely by students for students, helping them to have a better perspective of their actual skills, strengths, and talents. Optiverse has mentored for more than 1,000 hours in 12+ countries with the help of 120+ student members across the globe.

In July 2020, I realized the importance of self-awareness and executed my idea. Optiverse has one core objective – enabling free, accessible, and essential personality development to all. Optiverse mainly focuses on the 4th sustainable development goal; quality education. It entails equitable quality education and promotes lifelong learning opportunities. The Optiverse Mentorship Course is entirely free and consists of different elements such as decision making, self-judgment, design thinking, life graphs, gratitude journals, language strategies, and much more. Increasing self-awareness of an individual and building personalities by identification of one’s strengths and skills are two pivotal areas of this mentorship course.

At Optiverse, we strive to make young students aware of their personalities and imbibe in them the skills of self-reflection, expression, and identity building. Optiverse works with students as they are inevitably responsible for the future of this world. The aforementioned dual objectives help students in gaining clarity about their thought processes and help them in recognizing their unique strengths and abilities.

Optiverse has engaged in geographical expansion to reach myriads of students from all over the globe and make Optiverse an internationally recognized platform. Mentors who are working at Optiverse, are expressive and vivid in their thoughts and beliefs, which makes it possible for them to foster this in their mentees as well. Their paramount goal is to make an essential yet much-ignored aspect of education; personality development and self-awareness, accessible.

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Pledge to Take Action