Pass it Forward: Look at All the Heroes Out There

July 09, 2020

Have you ever seen a genuinely happy smile of a person you helped? Have you ever experienced a bright and warm feeling when someone’s day is better just because of something small that you did for them? Let me tell you about a project I’ve completed, but don’t forget, I wasn’t alone. With the help of Born This Way Foundation and my friends, I  made over 700 thank you cards for first responders, doctors, and nurses to thank them for sacrificing their own lives and for all the hard work they’ve done to help those during this pandemic. 

I was in an online meeting with people from different divisions in Key Club when one of my advisors asked if any of us wanted to apply for Born This Way Foundation’s Channel Kindness Award. Immediately, I wanted to apply and realized that I wanted to thank the first responders, doctors, and nurses in Las Vegas. I have family members who are first responders, police officers, and nurses, so I personally know about the hard work they do. I wanted to show gratitude to these local heroes for saving and protecting people, and I wanted to see them smile and be happy for being appreciated for what they do for us. I also wanted to give them an opportunity to pass forward the gratitude to someone in their own life.

After being selected as a winner, I had a video call with Jasmine from the Foundation about my plans for this project. I thoroughly thought about this project’s plan, from the materials involved to the process of completing this project. When the materials I needed arrived, I fell off my bed because I was so excited! Afterward, I began to start working on writing these thank you cards! I had help writing all 780 thank you cards, creating the thank you card packets, and dropping them all off from Jasmine, my friend AC, my Key Club advisor Mr. Ocampo, and my mom!

Mr. Ocampo, helped me drop off most of the thank you card packets to four different first responder organizations in Las Vegas: Guardian Elite Medical Services, LLC., Community Ambulance, Sunrise Hospital, and MTM Inc. During my first drop off, the person receiving the thank you card packets had a big smile on her face, and she was very appreciative of the thank you packets. We went to the next location excited!  At the second drop off, the person receiving the thank you card packets had some time to talk to me about the project, and when I gave her the cards, she was really grateful. I left with a happy feeling! Jasmine helped me by delivering thank you packets to Southern Hills Hospital and first responder organization AMR Las Vegas.

For my last two drop-offs, my mom helped me out! At one of the hospitals, I had a lovely talk with the woman receiving the cards. Even though she was wearing a mask, I could still see her bright smile, and she was very thankful for what I did for her and the other first responders. This experience was amazing! I was able to safely go around the Las Vegas community, and meet all these incredible local heroes; it’s a memory that I will treasure and never forget. I want people at my age to experience this type of feeling because I know it’ll make them happy! 

I started this project with a big smile and big hopes, these heroes are out here everywhere, not just in Las Vegas, but all around the world. These heroes are doing their best to do what’s right and protecting us and saving our lives. I believe we need to thank first responders, doctors, and nurses for their selflessness, because without them, where would we be? 

In total, my project included a total of 780 thank you card packets for the first responders, doctors, and nurses in Las Vegas. They all received gratitude and were given the opportunity to pass forward the gratitude to someone in their own life. I want people everywhere to do this!. These heroes all need something to smile about. 

I kept believing that I could make something that will benefit people who aren’t noticed, and here I am making it come true, to the best of my abilities. This is something I dreamed of doing and here I am now. I’ve accomplished my goal of helping people smile because that’s what I dreamed of and love to do!

I want the movement, Pass it Forward, to take off so more people can pass forward kindness and gratitude. People around the world need a smile; these emotions and memories that I’ve created with all these wonderful people are ones that will never be forgotten. My journey has been impactful, and the support I received by winning the Channel Kindness Award from Born This Way Foundation has been a tremendous help. I can’t thank them enough for the countless hours that they spent guiding me on this project. 

So please, help me and Pass it Forward by writing a letter for someone in your life, do an act of kindness, record yourself doing these acts of kindness, post it on any social media platform, and use the hashtag #PassItForward so you can help spread kindness and gratitude. Trust me, you’re helping a lot of people out by doing this. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


If you’d like to learn more about the Channel Kindness Awards and how to apply before the August 1 deadline, please visit