Zoe’s Dolls: Why Representation in Dolls Matters

October 20, 2017

Joshua Hollin is a 22-year-old Singer/Songwriter who recently graduated from Florida Atlantic University with his Bachelors in Commercial Music Composition. In 2017, Josh initiated “Channel Kindness Radio,” a reoccurring podcast series featured on channelkindness.org, which centered around nonprofit organizations and people who are actively making a difference in their communities. In the future, Josh wishes to combine his passion for music, marketing, and media, in a way that makes a difference.

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Zoe Terry is anything but typical. At just ten years old, she has won the first ever Miami-Dade Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy Award, was selected to present a TED Talk during the TEDx Youth Miami Event, and was recently just named the MLK 2017 Trailblazer. Watch as this 10-year-old C.E.O talks about what inspired her to start her non-profit, “Zoe’s Dolls,” and what advice she has for all of the kids out there with a dream.