#BeKind21: Embrace the Magic of Music

September 13, 2020
This story took place in United States

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Today’s #BeKind21 message is brought to you by our partners at MusiCares.

We often turn to music for its healing and comforting powers, whether we turn up the jams during a celebration or we plug in some headphones to self-reflect; music is an essential part of our lives and adds kindness to our souls. 

Music feeds the world and artists pour themselves into their work so that we can move through the rhythm of life feeling a little less alone, and more connected. 

But where do music people turn to when they need a shoulder to lean on? Enter our organization, MusiCares, a non-profit that is focused on supporting the health and wellbeing of music makers including artists, technicians, producers and more. 

MusiCares was founded to help keep the music industry healthy and well so that they can continue to make the music that moves us all. Our services and resources cover a wide range of financial, medical and personal emergencies. In fact, earlier this year, as the COVID-19’s ‘shelter in place’ orders devastated the music industry, music creators and professionals were left with no work and an uncertain future. We quickly established the COVID-19 Relief Response with the Recording Academy, and immediately raised funds to help support the thousands of musicians in dire need of assistance. 

So, the next time you’re enjoying the latest top-hit or jamming to a classic, embrace the healing magic of music and reflect on the power behind each song. 

Your kindness challenge today: Turn on your favorite song, or better yet, your favorite album, and do one kind thing for yourself that is equal parts healing and energizing. This could be a trip around the block, journaling, or simply sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine. Those few minutes to yourself with music can be incredibly powerful. 

In Kindness,


P.S. Invite someone to join the challenge: bornthisway.foundation/bekind21.

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