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August 14, 2019

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I’m both very excited and very emotional as I share that #BeKind21 is here again, which means my son who inspired this whole Challenge will go into his second(!) year of school.

If you were one of the over 400,000 people who joined us last year, then you may know that this Challenge was born out of the hopeful urgency I felt to make sure my son’s academic life would start as kindly as possible. #BeKind21 started as an initiative for students to be kind to themselves and each other every day from September 1st to September 21st (World Peace Day). But the Challenge became so much more.

I was overwhelmed by the stories people shared with us about how they made friends while doing kind acts for strangers, how they decided to finally start loving themselves and stop hurting themselves, and how they learned about the transformative power of kindness. Making kindness a habit is important for all of us.

I’m also happy to report that Born This Way Foundation is working hard to ensure that people across our country and the world will start this fall kindly again. Thanks to Shadille on our team, we’ve partnered with companies like Deckers and Deloitte, whole cities like Las Vegas – where we’re holding our kick-off event, and with school systems at all levels from kindergarten to university. Will you join us, individually or collectively, at work or at home? Sign up!

When you click here to sign up for #BeKind21, you are joining a community of people who are ready to be kind to their minds, bodies, and communities for 21 days. You’ll also get daily emails starting on September 1st with suggestions on how you can be kind from our co-founders, me, and some of our wonderful partners!

Pledge to #BeKind21 and share the link to join with friends, too:  

In Kindness,

Maya Smith

Hunter (and Logan’s) Mom
Executive Director

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