#BeKind21: Meet Others Where They Are

September 14, 2020
This story took place in United States

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Today’s #BeKind21 message is brought to you by our partners at The Mighty.

I don’t remember when I first heard the phrase “meet me where I’m at” but I can recall one of the first times I felt it — and it was when I joined The Mighty. After two major surgeries and a delightful bout of facial paralysis, I was growing weary in a world where I constantly felt like I had to be and do “better.” Living with a health condition or a disability can do that to you — make you feel like you aren’t enough when in fact you already are (in case you needed the reminder). 

At The Mighty, it’s our goal to meet you where you’re at — to be seen and heard for everything you are, no matter what you’re going through. And I think there’s such immense power and genuine kindness in that, a place that values listening and validation. 

Kindness isn’t always about an act of love or service. It’s also about how we accept each other, our circumstances and ourselves. Not always striving to be more, but learning that we’re enough — in times of grief, recovery and trauma too. 

Your kindness challenge today: Find someone in your life and make them feel heard. Send a quick check-in text, run that errand a friend has been meaning to do or connect with people who get it on The Mighty. Pick a group based on what you need right now, like self-care or distraction

We’re here to meet you where you’re at, wherever that is. (And for what it’s worth, you’re doing great.) 

In Kindness,

Kat Harrison

Community Content Manager

The Mighty

P.S. Invite someone to join the challenge: bornthisway.foundation/bekind21.

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