#BeKind21: Practice Self-Compassion

September 16, 2021
This story took place in United States

Today’s #BeKind21 message is from Brightline

Self-kindness is important to celebrate in #BeKind21 and beyond. One great way to do that is by practicing self-compassion, something we at Brightline wholeheartedly encourage our members, employees, and community to do. Here are a few tips we have for the young and young-at-heart on how to practice self-compassion, one way we believe you can achieve healthy self-esteem. 

Practice kindness

Treat yourself with kindness instead of criticism, and view mistakes as lessons instead of dead-end failures. If self-compassion feels hard, instead imagine how you’d talk to a friend. 

Honor mistakes

Mistakes are to be expected, and everyone makes them, including you! The next time you make a misstep, use it as an opportunity to say, “Okay, so that was a challenge! Let me think about all the lessons I’m learning.” (A sense of humor will help.)

Try a growth mindset

It’s easy for us to think some things are set in stone — for instance, that we’re either good or bad at math. Instead, focus on a growth mindset — i.e., to believe your abilities can get better with practice. All you have to do is try!

Celebrate “how”

Recognize the traits (like perseverance and effort) that help you succeed, and get excited about others’ successes as well. 

Try new things

You don’t have to excel at something to try it! Just getting out of your comfort zone can be a confidence builder. Make time to explore new interests, skills, and experiences. Nervous? Bring someone along with you!

Compare less

Try not to put too much emphasis on grades, rankings, or how others did. When you compare yourself to others, you’re caring more about how you’re perceived rather than how you perceive and value yourself. Doing your best is enough. 


Failing is normal, healthy, and not the end of the world. The more you realize you can fail and bounce back, the healthier your self-esteem will be.  

Your kindness challenge today: Try these suggestions for how to practice self-compassion as a powerful act of self-love. And, if you’re a caregiver, try these suggestions with the ones you care for in your life. 

In Kindness,


P.S. Invite someone to join the challenge: bornthisway.foundation/bekind21.