Sound Board: Providing Disconnected Youth with an Artistic Outlet

September 14, 2017

Kate Slate, 18, was born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. When she was 16 she moved to New York City with her family. She currently attends Pace University where she is studying Communications. Kate has had experience in the Communications field and is a Campus Expansion Assistant for Her Campus Media. In Kate’s free time she enjoys watching films from the late 20th century and seeing where they, in addition to modern movies and television shows, have been filmed.

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Meet Ali Comerford and Raegan Sealy, founders of Sound Board NYC. Through Sound Board, Ali and Raegan conduct free workshops in music, poetry, rap, hip hop, and songwriting throughout Manhattan, primarily targeting disconnected youth. Their workshops aim to provide an artistic outlet for participants in addition to providing resources participants may have otherwise lacked.