#BeKind21: The Future of Leadership

September 05, 2021
This story took place in United States

Today’s #BeKind21 message is from Girls Inc.

Girls Inc. inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold, through direct service and advocacy. We’re excited to share the following important lessons with you:

Girls are the leaders our future needs. Never before has there been more opportunity for women to lead on a local and global scale. Yet every day, girls encounter social and systemic barriers that threaten their ability to succeed. For girls in low-income communities and girls of color—who experience even greater inequities—the obstacles are more significant. 

Sisterhood of support. Girls Inc. works with schools and in communities throughout the U.S. and Canada to provide the mentoring relationships, safe spaces, and evidence-based programming that are proven to help girls succeed. Girls build the knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead change in their lives and effect change in the world. Girls Inc. also works with and for girls to advance legislation and policies that increase opportunities for all girls.

A new generation of leaders. The results are inspiring! 9 out of 10 Girls Inc. girls care about doing well in school and 82% of Girls Inc. girls plan to attend college. 91% of Girls Inc. girls report being always or usually hopeful about their futures.

Girls Inc. alumna Molly, a postgraduate student in Public and Environmental Affairs on her way to becoming a changemaker in the area of criminal law reform, says, “Girls Inc. taught me to be confident, to set high goals for myself, and to embrace the power of being a girl. Completing programs at Girls Inc., I saw what I was capable of and I learned how to bounce back after making mistakes. Being surrounded by supportive peers and mentors showed me that girls can truly do anything.” 

The future we know is coming? Powerful girls in an equitable society! A stronger, more sustainable future requires that we invest in girls. Girls Inc. is working toward a world where every girl values her whole self, discovers her inherent strengths, and achieves her goals.  

Your kindness challenge today: Be in her corner. Focus your act of kindness on how you can encourage a girl to embrace a positive self image, helping her recognize it’s okay to be different and stand out from the crowd. And if you are that girl, celebrate yourself and your potential, realizing you are capable of doing so many great things, and hold limitless potential for what you can contribute to the world.

In Kindness,

Girls Inc.

P.S. Invite someone to join the challenge: bornthisway.foundation/bekind21.