Our Favorite #BeKind21 Acts So Far!

September 09, 2019

Pledge to Take Action

We’re about halfway through #BeKind21 and are so excited to learn about all the ways you plan to be kind to yourselves and others! Already, we’ve heard stories of everyday people lending a hand to strangers, of teachers encouraging students with kind notes, and of family members going the extra mile for their loved ones.

We’re so inspired by your stories that we want to keep sharing them! Whether you’re being kind to your friends, family, community, or yourself, tell us about the kind acts you’re spreading. Click here to learn how to submit your story for a chance to be featured on our platform, ChannelKindness.org.

In the meantime, keep scrolling to check out some of what you’ve shared about #BeKind21 on social media so far!

This team left encouraging notes in a books as a pick-me-up for the next reader:

Patricia showed her mom kindness with a delicious meal and surprised her with a special trip:

Mari surprised her mailman with a special treat:

Lou spread “strength,” “peace,” and “love” with a “Take what you need” poster:

This school reminded its students that kindness starts with one person:

These kiddos practiced helping their classmates:

Maria channeled her passion of cooking to volunteer to help kids in her community:

Drew listed out all the things he’s grateful for:

Kat practiced kindness for their mind and body:

These students proved that kindness comes in many forms, even hugs:

These Starbucks store managers wrote encouraging words to LBGTQ+ youth:

This person practiced self-love:

This group showed some love by making new friends:

Maddie shared her love of reading with others:

These people spread the love of reading to others:

Mr. Benoit taught his students to love themselves for who they are:

And this student-athlete proved kindness can exist in competitive sports:

Pledge to Take Action