The Impact of the Born This Way Album

May 26, 2021
This story took place in United States

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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Born This Way album, we invited you to share the ways in which this album impacted your life! Here are just 10 of the kind, brave, and heartfelt stories you shared with us:

1. Alista said the album offered a feeling of much-needed support and community:


2. Laurens-Jan B. added that the album was about so much more than music:


3. For Ashley B, the album gave her courage and joined her on her mental health journey:


4. And Joe said the album reminded him that he wasn’t alone:


5. For Ilaria, the album was the first time they ever felt understood: 


6. And for Ani, the album represents hope and resilience:


7. Anthony C. said the album has supported him through every stage of life – from his teenage years to adulthood:


8. People like Corbyn B. said this album gave them the power to keep going on in life during moments of deep despair:


9. Soufiane – who was living in Morocco – a country where “where being LGBTQ+ isn’t something that my country or our culture is OK with” – was struggling with their identity when the album was released:


10. Abby L. summarized how we all feel about the album – It means everything:

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