Election Day: Get Involved!

September 21, 2020
This story took place in United States

Pledge to Take Action

One of the kindest ways you can show up for yourself and your community is by voting (if you can)! Here are five ways for you to get involved:

1. Check your voter registration status and make a vote plan:
– Register to vote and encourage loved ones to do the same (Rock the Vote)
– Check your voter registration status (NASS)
– Make a vote plan (Washington Post)

2. Get out the vote:
– Volunteer to send Postcards To Voters to encourage GOTV

3. Protect the vote/be a poll worker:
– Election protection: Whether you’re an attorney or not, volunteer to do election protection with 866 Our Vote
– Election protection: If you’re an attorney (We The Action)
– Volunteer to staff your local polling place with Power the Polls

4. Stay Informed
– Get the latest 2020 information (NowThis)
– Make sure you and your loved ones know your rights at the ballot box (ACLU)

5. Keep track of key dates:

Voter registration deadlines vary by state but the earliest are a month out from Election Day
– September 29: First Presidential Debate
– October 5: Voter Education Week
– October 7: Vice Presidential Debate
– October 15: Second Presidential Debate
– October 22: Third Presidential Debate
– October 24: Vote Early Day
– November 3: Election Day

Pledge to Take Action

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