Check Out Our Favorite #BeKind21 Lists!

August 23, 2019

Pledge to Take Action

#BeKind21 is back and we’ve already received thousands of commitments, from Born This Way Foundation community members like you, to build a habit of kindness. We have the privilege of looking at each of the Tweets, Instagram posts, and messages you send us detailing how you plan to be kind to yourself and others for #BeKind21.

If you haven’t yet signed up for #BeKind21 or need help getting started, use these lists for inspiration!

Lou plans to focus on her mental health and practice being kind to herself:

Amanda is going to practice self-care and make sure she’s extra kind to herself:

Emily plans to be kind to the environment by using more sustainable materials:

Kaitlin plans on helping those around her who seem stressed and or are struggling with a project:

Petra plans on spreading kindness in the Netherlands by showing gratitude toward her friends, family, and colleagues:

Born This Way Foundation’s Maya Smith will write thank you cards (something she’s especially fabulous at) and will #BeKind21 with her family:

We hope these lists show that being kind to yourself and others can be as simple as picking up litter, taking a moment to breathe deeply, buying coffee for the person behind you in line, or sharing a smile with a stranger. Kind acts, whether big or small, are contagious and create meaningful change in your community. At our kickoff event in Las Vegas, Kyler of Kyler’s Kicks put it best when he said, “Be kind to others and watch how quickly it comes back to you.”

Click here to download a blank #BeKind21 list, fill it out, and help make the Internet a kinder place by sharing it online with the hashtag #BeKind21.

And pledge to #BeKind21.

Pledge to Take Action