Being Brave By Being Happy

June 06, 2016

In March, we launched the Kindness Cake Bake Off where we asked YOU, our amazing fans, to bake something that represented kindness and bravery. We were overwhelmed by creativity and dazzled by the originality of all these submissions. You voted and chose the two recipe and design semi-finalists. After admiring so many beautiful creations, we are thrilled to announce our Design winner, Em. Today, we’re sharing her story behind her cake and her advice for finding happiness in bravery. 

As a survivor of sexual assault, I am brave on a daily basis by making a conscious effort to have fun and smile and live the life I deserve! My cake represents any person who has been through a struggle, and the universal strength we hold by continuing to live our lives in joy!



For me, being brave is about acknowledging the things that I’ve been through, and still having the urge to live and be happy. After struggling for years in silence, as a songwriter, I decided to write and publish this song: I Want To Say To You really shows how I felt at my worst.

Through the love and support of my friends and family, as represented by the handholding on my cake, I have been brave enough deal with what has happened to me, and to try my hardest to move on and be happy and to live the life I deserve to live.

I know so many brave people, who have been through terrible things, but are still a joy to be around every single day. Being brave is making the choice to be happy and positive and to NOT LET OUR PASTS DEFEAT US.

As represented by the globe and the universal handholding, we can all become much braver if we support each other and work together! If you are going through a time of trouble, DO NOT STRUGGLE ALONE. Reach out to for help on a number of issues. After my long struggle in silence, publicizing my assault to all my friends and family is the best thing I have ever done, and I have never felt stronger or happier. I cannot emphasize enough that you are not alone.


Holi Festival of Colors, New York
Holi Festival of Colors, New York

To be kind is many things. I try to be kind to every person I encounter; I smile at as many people as possible and make as many people feel good as I possibly can. When I feel great all I want to do is spread that happiness!

I make an effort to accept and love all my friends and family for the differences they have, instead of resenting them. Being kind is making people feel as good as you can and bringing joy to the lives of others – and from this you will feel great!

I also ensure that my friends and family know that I will always, always be there when I am needed. I make it known that I am here for my loved ones, cherish in their accomplishments and help them through any challenges.

As shown in my cake, the world is a stronger and kinder place when we work, live and love TOGETHER. We are all one race, so why not be kind to each other and work together to create the kindest, bravest world possible. Think of what could be achieved, in all areas, if everybody worked together! Pledge to spread kindness daily at


After years of insecurity, I have finally managed to be kind to myself! I make a conscious effort daily to not judge myself or think badly about myself.
Treat yourself as you would treat others and remind yourself daily how great you are! Focus on all the positive things about you and learn to love yourself!

My cake represents both kindness and bravery, which I talk about in the following video:


Living a kind and a brave life will not only ensure the happiness of those around you, but it will also bring so much love and happiness to YOU. I strongly believe that happiness is THE most important thing in life – so why not spread it and receive it in return?

Spend your days spreading love, happiness, joy and laughter and watch your life begin to change!

Bravery and kindness together are what helped me move on from my awful experience, and my life truly has changed – I have never felt happier.

Join us and learn more about living a kind and a brave life!