10 Reasons We Loved 2015

December 17, 2015

Looking back at 2015 I’m amazed at everything we were able to accomplish together. From groundbreaking research into emotional health to critical conversations about wellbeing, we continued to make the world a kinder and braver place.  Here’s a look at 10 of my favorite moments from 2015:

10. We launched this blog!
While we’ve been sharing our thoughts – and hearing yours – on Twitter, Facebook, and Little Monsters for a while, we wanted to build a place for us to share our more in-depth thoughts on making the world a braver place. And we love sharing our ideas, research, and hopes and dreams for the future here.

9. We partnered with Tony Bennett’s foundation, Exploring The Arts.
We understand that we can’t do this work alone, and that’s why this year we grew our relationships with those who shared our goals, like Tony Bennett and Susan Benedetto. Alongside the Exploring the Arts foundation, we highlighted the work of exceptional local youth-oriented non-profits at Cheek to Cheek tour stops across the country.

8. We celebrated great progress in making the United States a more equal place.
When the Supreme Court ruled to uphold gay marriage, we joined you all in celebrating. Although there’s a lot more work that needs to happen to make this a kinder, braver world – we were so excited to see this progress.

7. We heard from Dr. Sue about being brave when it comes to taking care of your mental health.
We’ve been lucky to have the wonderful Dr. Sue Swearer share her thoughts on our blog all year long, but in September (National Suicide Prevention Month), she shared some helpful tips for how to protect your mental health.

6. We shared Emma’s story.
Our friend Emma has an inspiring story, and she reminds us every day that we all have something to live for – and that it really does get better.

5. We welcomed a new advisory board.
In 2015, Born This Way Foundation welcomed its 2nd Youth Advisory Board. These nine diverse young people come from around the country, representing a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. They are essential to guiding our mission and our strategy.

4. We saw you start a new school year.
This year we spent a lot of time working to support strategies to make your life better while you’re at school. So at the start of the new year, we shared 5 tips for making your schools a kinder, braver, space.

3. We had an important conversation on ending assault.
When my daughter, and Born This Way Foundation co-founder, released the song ‘Til It Happens To You, we joined the very important and ongoing conversation on ending campus sexual assault.

2. We had an amazing Emotion Revolution Summit.
In October, I had the chance to meet hundreds of you as you joined us in Connecticut for the Emotion Revolution Summit. The conversations and friendships we formed there were so meaningful and inspiring.

1. We heard from you.
Whether it was through sharing your feelings through the #IAmNotJust hashtag or sharing your story with us, you showed us that emotions matter – you made this year special.

From the bottom of my heart I want to THANK YOU for making 2015 so special. I can’t wait to grow more with you next year.


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