Tolerance and Acceptance Make Every Community Stronger

October 23, 2015

A message from Cynthia:

Tomorrow, nearly 200 youth from around the country will converge on Yale University’s campus for the Emotion Revolution Summit to discuss how to make schools and communities into places where all young people are supported and equipped with the tools they need to flourish. I’m so proud of these young leaders for their bravery in joining such an important conversation, but the truth is they can’t do it alone. Unfortunately, our laws still fail to defend some individuals against the discrimination they face just for being who they are. As long as these protections continue to fall short, the young people left out will never be able to thrive.

That is why I was so honored to attend last night’s Empire State Pride Agenda’s Fall Dinner to introduce Governor Andrew Cuomo. Not only was it a wonderful celebration for an organization that has done so much for the LGBT community, it was a historic night as the Governor announced that transgender New Yorkers will finally be protected from discrimination. My daughter would have loved to be there on such an important occasion, but since she wasn’t able to be there in person, she wanted to share a brief message of support:

The LGBT community has made incredible strides in the fight for equality over the past few years – but there is still so much more to be done, especially for the transgender community. Every day, transgender people are faced with bullying, harassment and discriminatory policies just for being honest about who they are.  It’s time for that to change.

By taking action to ban discrimination and harassment against transgender people, Governor Cuomo is helping to make that change a reality. Standing up for the trans community will take more than just promises. It will take all of us – elected officials and advocates, transgender people and allies – changing laws, reforming policies, and transforming our culture.

Tolerance and acceptance make every community stronger. Young people understand that and so should our politicians. It’s time that all transgender people are welcomed and protected.  It’s time lawmakers nationwide follow Governor Cuomo’s example and make our country a kinder and braver place for everyone.

Lady Gaga