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May 27, 2021
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Ten years of Born This Way makes us want to revisit ten of our favorite hits from the album! What we hear from you is that Born This Way is family, comfort, acceptance, hope, and love – all wrapped into one. As Rihanna H. said, “It’s allowed me to live more authentically. And no matter how many times I listen to it, it always feels like the first time, it always gives me a lift and I’ll always be grateful for the happiness and love and joy it’s given me.”

We hope this list reminds you that you and your story matter, and we even included some of your stories about how these songs impacted you! You can also check out our entire “Born To Be Brave: Songs To Keep You Going Spotify playlist below!

1. The Edge of Glory

“The first Lady Gaga song I ever heard was ‘The Edge of Glory,’ and I became a Little Monster immediately. I’ve always loved how this song & album are about accepting yourself & others for who you/they really are and allowing & encouraging everyone to be themselves, no matter how different they are, whether that be by race, age, gender, sexuality, interests, illness(es), physical disabilities, mental health issues, or intellectual disabilities. These things do not define us or who we are, but we should be proud of the fact that we are managing to live with them.” – Amy

2. Hair

“The Born This Way album means freedom. ‘Hair’ is my anthem: my hair has always been criticized by my people near me. My hair is naturally curly and when I wear it just the way it is, they always say I have to straighten it. When years ago I decided to cut my hair short and stylize it with a mohawk (and also dyed in orange), the Third World War exploded: it was too ‘boy-ish’ and I should let it grow to a more feminine length. ‘Hair’ empowered me and helped me understand that my hair is identity and I decide what I do with it. Now I don’t care what people say about it.” – Cris 

3. Marry The Night

“Born This Way was the album that changed and saved my life. I was a very insecure, lonely, and shy 15-year-old when it first came out. I remember that 23rd of May, 2011 very vividly. My mom was driving me to school and I begged her to take a detour to our local record store so I could be one of the first to purchase a copy of the CD. I will never forget my excitement when I heard the opening to ‘Marry The Night,’ and in that moment I decided I wasn’t gonna give up on my life, and I would fight for love, for freedom, and for equality.” – Juan P.

4. Fashion of His Love

“The entire album is magic. I especially resonated with the first couple of lines in ‘Fashion of His Love’ because I always felt so insecure as a teen. What I love about this song and album is that listening to it, I always felt like I was being heard, understood, and loved.” -Sarah M.

5. Americano

“This album changed my entire life. It gave me the guts to dream beyond my horizons. I went from a little boy from Mexico City limited with his possibilities to finally a Man that moved away to live his AMERICANO dream and own truth in another country to finally becoming a Permanent Resident and all this because of this album. This album made me dream beyond my own imagination, it shaped the man I’ve become in the past 10 years.” – Ernesto P.

6. The Queen

“Gaga is somehow all of us in Born This Way. It made me feel like I was able to actually be who I was even if no one else understood because Gaga understood. She understood what it felt like to need to find your people, the fear that you won’t, the joy when you do, the power of a tortured love, and resilience, and then taught us how to link these things together as a shared experience. Gaga will never let us feel alone. She wrote this album to remind us of that and to remind herself that she isn’t going through it alone either; that we are just as much there for her holding her hand and whispering in her ear that she can get through as she is for us. She will always be The Queen.” – Jess

7. Bloody Mary

“The Born This Way album helped me a lot through high school. At the time I was struggling with my sexuality. During my school years, I was bullied a lot. I feel the song Bloody Mary actually really connected to me. Because it’s about a lady from Biblical time. Who could of been stoned for she was. I felt like that every day I was bullied. I always remembered there is life beyond high school.” – Jesse S.

8. Bad Kids

“The song ‘Bad Kids’ just makes me reject and not care about what other people think or say and be unapologetically me. I realized that I can be different or look different from others, and still rejoice and celebrate myself for being who I am. I am very happy this song accompanied when I was struggling with my sexuality. Now, I am very sure and confident of myself, and I can say that I am actually living and breathing every lyric of the song.” – Yong Jie J.

9. Highway Unicorn

“In 2011-2012, my husband and I were in the midst of adopting our son. As a gay couple, we weren’t sure what to expect. We faced many obstacles, including a family member of our son trying to block the adoption. The song ‘Highway Unicorn’ is what got me through that dark period. It reminded me to stay strong, to press on and to keep fighting for love. Our adoption was successful and when I listen to that song, and really – the entire album – it brings me back to that place and reminds me that I can do anything . . .” – Steve E.

10. Born This Way 

“Born This Way is the epitome of inclusivity to me. The message behind the music is to love yourself and accept yourself for who you are with all of your strengths, your weaknesses, flaws, and talents. Once you’re able to be kind to yourself, your mind becomes infinitely more open and receptive to those around you. You realize you’re not alone but rather part of a larger community of like-minded and loving individuals who you gain a deeper appreciation for. Born This Way is not just an LGBTQA+ anthem. It is the message of love that unites the world.” – Nikolas N.

We invite you to keep the Lady Gaga love going, be kind to your mind, and check out our entire mental health playlist below:

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