Inspiring the Future Medical Community, One Heartbeat at a Time

October 30, 2020

Sanya Majmudar is a senior in NJ that loves to play the violin, run, and volunteer in various settings. She is particularly focused on medical service, especially in this time of need. Besides volunteering at local hospitals and clinics, she decided to start Medical Wonders, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and advising the youth about the astounding medical procedures, devices, equipment, etc. She started this in March 2020 when the COVID-pandemic was reaching its high. She wanted to give back and knew many students would not be able to shadow or learn about the medical field.

It all started with crying. In March 2020, I couldn’t believe all of my summer programs, hospital volunteering, shadowing, and research had been canceled. As a rising senior in highschool, I felt like I was never going to further learn about the medical field or be closer to becoming a doctor. All I could think about was the amazing experiences I had interacting with patients and learning about different medical diseases and treatments at my local hospital and pediatrician office. I knew I couldn’t sulk around and not try to make the best of the situation during the COVID-19 pandemic. I started to dream big and eventually started Medical Wonders.

With high hopes, I wanted to give back to the community by using social media and Google. I knew there were thousands of people in my same position needing more shadowing experience and volunteer hours. I had many friends text me, complaining about how this pandemic might ruin their futures. I knew by sharing my medical experiences with others internationally I could help them overcome this pandemic and be able to grow the organization on a larger scale.

In the first few months, we were able to recruit over 50 people who became part of our research team, creating and editing medical articles that corresponded to our monthly medicine topic. We also found amazing and motivated high schoolers who were able to create powerful graphics using the resources they already had. Along with research teams, we also focused on raising awareness for medical care throughout the world. We talked about Black Lives Matter Movement and how POC are subjected to lesser medical care than white counterparts, and featured a Christian doctor from India talking about medical issues in a developing country. We also focused on not only the traditional MD field, but also what it takes to become a PA, nurse, or veterinarian. I wanted to make sure everyone felt represented and equal in my organization, which has made Medical Wonders so diverse and full of energy.

At first, I really didn’t think Medical Wonders, a non-profit organization that educates and advises the youth about the astounding medical procedures, devices, equipment and more, would reach thousands across the world. Now, we have over 300 active members part of our organization as general members, researchers, editors, pre-Health undergraduate panelists, STEM tutors, and more.

I’ve personally been able to work with all ages, backgrounds, and genders, and it’s been truly humbling to see one major passion we have in common: medicine. I’m so proud of everyone who is part of my organization, but most importantly the strides we’ve made despite unfortunate circumstances. Jordyn Campbell, one of the social media managers, says: “Sanya has been amazing to work with, not only is she kind and gives as much as she can. Her creativity and drive is inspiring. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else!” Our other social media manager, Samsun Nahar, remarks, “ Working with Sanya has taught me so much about not only the organization and everything it stands for but about myself. Although younger than me (as well as most of the people she works with), she is someone that I truly look up to. Her work ethic is second to none and she has shown me the true impacts of hard work and dedication. Sanya is an inspiration and I have no doubt that she will be an incredible doctor one day.” Without both of them, we wouldn’t be able to make captivating posts and share our mission with everyone. They, and so many others, have helped me organize events, spread the word, and be able to see my dreams come true.

I was also able to host a Medical Shadowing Week, where medical professionals attended zoom calls and talked about their professions and introduced case studies. Over 200 people joined. I received many emails and DMs, thanking me for this opportunity and all of the other work we were able to do. To me, it’s astounding how everyone can come together and work towards one goal. In this organization, we are accepting of everyone and the only one
requirement is to love medicine. We will never stop until we foster these amazing relationships with people across the world and spread our mission of medicine.

Not only is understanding medicine important to further the world, but also the connectedness it brings people. We’ve been recognized on many other non-profits’ Instagrams and been given many features. We were a nominee of a WEGO health award, and have about 4,000 followers on Instagram. We are still expanding our team in many ways and opening ambassador applications soon. Our website is
and Instagram is @medical.wonders. For any further questions, please email us [email protected]. To find the other social media platforms we’re on, check out our Linktree

Below is a video from our Medical Shadowing Week, where a pre-PA student talked to us about her experiences and what she expects as a PA: