Aim To Inspire

June 03, 2016

In March, we launched the Kindness Cake Bake Off where we asked YOU, our amazing fans, to bake something that represented kindness and bravery. We were overwhelmed by creativity and dazzled by the originality of all these submissions. You voted and chose the two Recipe design semi-finalists. After tasting both of these delicious creations, we are thrilled to announce Allison Chang as our Recipe winner. Today, we’re sharing her story behind her Hummingbird Cupcakes. We hope it inspires you just as much as it did us. 

Aim to Inspire

For my kindness cake submission, I chose to do a spin on my favorite cake, the hummingbird, to represent the ideas of kindness and bravery. The cake itself represented kindness because it has been a cake I have baked for many different occasions, celebrating anything from a baby being born, a family holiday or just to bring into the office to share with coworkers. I think so many people love it because the flavor profile is bright from the tropical banana and pineapple notes. It’s impossible not to smile when taking a bite of a really good hummingbird cake, which is why it is one of my favorites to bake and share with others. The hummingbird itself was an inspiration to represent bravery because although it is a small creature, it is extremely resilient and can travel vast distances while fighting against the odds to reach its destination. For these reasons, I chose this cake to represent the vision of the Born This Way Foundation.

I believe kindness is an intuitive intention inside of everyone; it is the idea to treat both others and yourself with compassion and respect. Bravery is about putting kindness into practice. When I think about kindness and bravery in my own life, it really is a genuine and simple idea at its core; I constantly ask myself, what impact do you want to have on the world and the people around you? I think about how I would want someone to treat me and try to keep that in mind when I do things for others, whether it be checking in on someone when they are sick or baking cupcakes for someone just to brighten their day. The most important aspect of true kindness is for it to be genuine, and to never expect something back in return. It is amazing to see how quickly kindness can spread once it is initiated.

Bravery is about having an awareness and open dialogue about your feelings and how they are received through others’ actions and words. It is the courage to put yourself out there and speak your truth and your story. We all have a voice that deserves to be heard; even if that means clearing your life of those who do not respect your decisions, thoughts, and dreams. By having an open and honest dialogue with both others and yourself, you open the door to those who share your values and will support you in your future endeavors. I am a true believer that half the battle of being brave is to just put yourself out there; you will quickly find out who wants to accept you for who you are and who is not worth your time. Aim to inspire others by putting out the kindness and bravery you want to receive in the world. Once you do that, be prepared to celebrate in the successes that follow, both in the places you go and the people you will meet.

I wanted to give a special thanks to The Born This Way Foundation for being a pioneer in empowering others to be kind and brave as well as providing resources to those who still are lost and finding their way. In addition, I wanted to thank each and every person who helped me along the way in this contest; it was a personal challenge for myself and I am very grateful for the opportunity.


<3 Allison

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