Support One World, Together at Home on April 18

April 07, 2020

Cynthia Germanotta is president and co-founder of Born This Way Foundation (BTWF), created with her daughter Lady Gaga. Born This Way Foundation supports the mental health and wellness of young people, empowering them to build a kinder, braver world. Cynthia is also a World Health Organization (WHO) Ambassador for Mental Health.

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Pledge to Take Action

Today, the World Health Organization (WHO) is joining people across the globe in commemoration of World Health Day. I have never felt more grateful for my health, nor have I ever been more aware of the disparity of access and resources for far too many. I have also never been more in awe of the bravery of the frontline healthcare workers, tirelessly working to heal the world. World Health Day has a new meaning for me, as a representative of WHO, as co-founder of Born This Way Foundation, and as a proud mother of two amazing daughters.

As my daughter said in her recent address with WHO, we are one singular, kind global community. Kindness is our universal language, uniting the globe as we donate to worthwhile causes, bring levity and laughter by sharing a hilarious video with a family member, sympathize together and support one another when we learn tragic stories, check-in on our loved ones’ mental health, and come together to help bring urgently needed protective equipment to healthcare and other frontline workers.

Today I’m excited to invite you to join with others worldwide for a virtual concert celebration, curated by my daughter, that will be broadcast live across platforms on Saturday, April 18th at  5 pm PT / 8 pm ET.

My daughter, in collaboration with WHO, Global Citizen, and leaders in the corporate, tech, and philanthropic fields, has already raised over $35,000,000 for the COVID-Solidarity Response Fund. While their fundraising efforts aren’t over, I want to remind you that Together At Home is not a fundraising event. As my daughter said, please put your wallet away and enjoy this show because you deserve it. If you feel moved to add your voice to this effort, we would love to share your stories of kindness online, as part of the Born This Way Foundation family.

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I’ve seen how you’re checking in with each other, prioritizing your mental wellness, and spreading kindness online. As ambassadors of kindness, we want to highlight your stories and the power your kind acts have to transform communities for the better.

Until the next #TeaWithMrsG –

Cynthia Germanotta

Pledge to Take Action

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