A Piece of Heaven on Earth

July 31, 2018

Emma Suttell, 16, is a high school sophomore from Phoenix, Arizona. She is an executive officer of Veterans Heritage Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to recording, writing, and telling the stories of our nation’s veterans. Emma is an avid volunteer in her community, actively involved in children’s ministry and teaching children’s musical theatre programs. An aspiring journalism major, Emma is a student blogger and writer for several online and local publications and is especially passionate about encouraging fellow high school students throughout America to become leaders of awareness and acceptance in their own communities. In her free time, she enjoys performing with her show choir, playing piano, and blogging.

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Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary is home to dozens of dogs in the last stage of their lives. Emilee Spear, their guardian angel, founded the sanctuary, which has led her to realize how much a dog’s love can impact us all.