To Team Born This Way Foundation: Happy Anniversary!

March 01, 2021

Pledge to Take Action

LG: It is the honor and privilege of my life to do this work with you, my friend. 

Cynthia: Cynthia – It’s your vision, your love, your pain, your kindness, and your heart that make this work possible. I am forever grateful for the life and purpose that you’ve given me and so many others.

Shadille: I was overflowing with pride (as I often am) when I watched from the wings as you introduced Love Bravery to the world with LG. Your grace, passion, soft-spoken strength, and kindness has been a north star for me for almost eight years. 

Taylor: I learn from your curiosity, generosity, and passion every day. I was in awe watching you work at IUPUI in Indianapolis and even more so today. You are brave (and rad).

Shanice: When you sent me books for our book drive instead of treating it as a problem to be solved, I knew you truly understood our work to meet unmet needs. Thank you for bringing your talents and kindness to our team. Welcome!

Alex: Standing with you backstage in Las Vegas, lining up behind the 16 students from our tMHFA pilot, watching the excitement, validation, kindness, and acceptance that you created for them. You made them feel so seen and valued. You see things that aren’t there yet and build them.

Dave: Thank you for being the best partner. I love you. 

Bobby: Thank you for trusting, teaching, and investing in me. You make all of this possible. All of it.

Josh H: I am so proud of how you pursue your dreams and help others do the same. You speak a musical, visual kindness language and it is so needed. 

Josh M: You embody kindness more than anyone I’ve ever met in my life. Your kindness and joy have carried me and this team more than we could ever tell you and you are so loved FOREVER.

Susan: When you told me that someone told you caring too much was bad, my heart broke. It’s what you were put on this earth to do and from the first moment you leaned in, head on your hands in the conference room in NYC and said “Guys, I have an idea,” I knew it was meant to be. You know much you mean to all of us. 

Mitu: I love how you invite us to learn and keep getting better; through writing practices or movie recs, you share in service to the world. I am often in awe of you, perhaps most during your first month on the team when you created and executed our digital strategy for one of the most important social movement movements in recent history. Your work makes the world kinder. 

Emma: We’ve been in this together for so long and I love your heart, your voice, and your strength. 

Aysha: Watching you fearlessly and skillfully jump into action at the first CK convening. Few choices were as easy as inviting you to join the team – loudly and surrounded by your favorites – at Sarabeths!

Pledge to Take Action

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