LIMITLESS: Encouraging Women in Stem

November 20, 2020

Women’s Voices Now (WVN) uses film to drive positive social change that advances women’s and girls’ rights globally.

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Created by Brissa Campos, Alyssa Chang Ho, and Alique Tufenkjian, the below film–LIMITLESS–is about the obstacles women face in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) field, and the importance for diversity and equality in STEM.

This film is one of five short social-impact documentaries co-produced by the Women’s Voices Now program Girls’ Voices Now in summer 2020. The program empowers girls and femme-identifying youth from low-income and underrepresented communities of the greater Los Angeles area to find, develop, and use their voice for positive social change through filmmaking.

LIMITLESS from Women’s Voices Now on Vimeo.

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