Celebrating National Coming Out Day

October 10, 2020

Today is National Coming Out Day. Whether you came out today, yesterday, or still need some time, I want to celebrate you today. I want to say how proud of you I am. How perfect you are. How needed you are.

I celebrate your bravery, even when it’s scary.

I celebrate you for how wonderful you are, even if your loved ones don’t react to you and treat you the way we’d hope they would.

And I want and need you to know that you are always worth fighting for.

There might be people in your life or people you encounter in the world who make you feel less-than, make you feel small, make you feel like your concerns and your dreams for the future aren’t worth fighting for. These voices can get very loud in your head.

So let me be louder in saying: You are worth fighting for.

All of us at Born This Way Foundation will always fight for and alongside you. But I want to remind you of something: neither our co-founders nor our team are the Supreme Court. We are not elected leaders. We are so privileged to have a platform and a megaphone to the world — and we will always, always, always use that for good, but even that can only go so far when it comes to government policies that affect each of our lives. Laws are enacted and enforced by elected and appointed officials. In other words, they make decisions that affect our everyday lives.

You might wonder what the point is in getting involved then?

Because we have a powerful say in who represents us and what they stand for by voting.

Your generation is showing up in record numbers to make your voices heard and to hold your elected officials accountable. You’re taking action across the country – online and offline. You’re calling and writing your elected representatives.  You’re organizing your neighbors and community members. It fills my heart to witness how you’re showing up for each other, registering your friends to vote and collaborating to make voting plans. You’re educated on the issues, and you’re volunteering to keep our elections safe, free, and accessible for all.

I celebrate how you’re taking your advocacy to the ballot box to ensure you’re doing everything you can to change our communities and country for the better.

I don’t need to tell you that LGBTQ+ issues are on the ballot this election. Reproductive access for all is on the ballot this election. Human rights are on the ballot this election. You are voting to ensure that your rights and the rights of people you care about are protected.

This election, hold your head up, and let’s go far – together. You are worth this fight.

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