A Very Special, Heart-Warming, Record-Breaking #BeKind21 Recap

September 21, 2020

Pledge to Take Action

It became clear very early in our preparation for #BeKind21 that 2020 was not going to follow the plans we made in March. In a world where there is a new issue to address daily, even hourly at times, we needed #BeKind21 to be responsive to the current moment, creating and encouraging the opportunities of kindness that we needed so much. We could not have expected the incredible response that #BeKind21 had in creating and strengthening communities. Over the course of the campaign, participants from around the world pledged over 112+ million acts of kindness. There were acts of kindness to the environment, to family and friends, to communities, to yourself, and more, and we have been so inspired by all of the kind acts and stories shared!

While it would be much too difficult to list out all 112,000,000+ acts of kindness pledged through this year’s campaign, we’ve gathered a number of examples to highlight as a celebration of #BeKind21’s impact this year! Let these actions fill you with hope and compassion that you can pour back out now that you’ve created your #BeKind21 habit of kindness!

Our Co-Founder, Cynthia Germanotta, led with kindness by sharing her own #BeKind21 list with the world!

Throughout #BeKind21, we reminded ourselves and others that self-care is an essential act of kindness, too! 

Our friends at Sesame Street started #BeKind21 by inviting us to remind our friends that we care!

Mask Pledge created an entire list of ways and reasons to #KindlyMask during the challenge.

Expanding on their additions for last year’s #BeKind21 campaign, Find Your Anchor added 21+ more cards for their “Ways to Be Kind” deck.

This participant is encouraging community kindness by participating in the US Census!

On Day 7 of #BeKind21, we shared an inspirational quote by Brene Brown on our Channel Kindness platform to uplift anyone going through a difficult time. 

Our friends at Youth Homes had extra love kindness to give, and shared it with some pups at a local animal shelter.

#BeKind21 Hero, Bumkins Baby, made the campaign interactive by asking its followers to name one kind thing they did that day on their Instagram story! 

Author & Podcast Host Katherine Schwarzenegger tagged Born This Way Foundation and Kate Spade New York, encouraging followers to donate to an organization or cause that is important to them! She chose to give money to RedRover, which supports animals in need affected by the California wildfires. 

Actress Danielle MacDonald (Dumplin’, Unbelievable) promoted #BeKind21 on her Instagram story and encouraged her followers to compliment three people they passed on the street that day! 

At the beginning of the month, Chipotle announced its participation in #BeKind21 and encouraged its “Chipeeps” to tag them in their own kindness posts! 

As one of its many #BeKind21 posts, GoFundMe shared the inspiring work of 9-year-old Bear Yeung, who is raising money to purchase food and drink for frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic! 

The Kind News shared a way to be kind to your postal worker by offering some cold water to battle the end-of-summer heat.

This participant is practicing self-care for #BeKind21 by spending time in nature and practicing personal compassion.

Our pals at Bumkins used #BeKind21 as an opportunity to advocate for equity among same-sex parents, because these acts of kindness support loving families!

Kindness doesn’t have to be an intense affair, as this participant shows. It can be as simple as delivering some surprise pizza.

On the same note of simplicity in kindness, SAP encouraged their community to send thank-you notes, because we all have so much to be grateful for!

Our friends at Ali Forney Center promoted self-kindness to your health by getting tested for HIV. Everyone should know their status!

This participant used the challenge to sew masks for high school students in her community. We love a #BeKind21 and #KindlyMask crossover!

The Peter Pan Foundation created this incredible list of accessible ways to be kind within their community and beyond!

The Happy Valley Huskies used #BeKind21 to thank their school staff in a big and colorful way!

And finally, Miami Dade College ended their #BeKind21 challenge by helping others register to vote, a kind act for the self, the community, and the country!

Born This Way Foundation co-founder and #KindnessPunk Lady Gaga took to social media to share her #BeKind21 actions and spread smiles online!

Do you have a #BeKind21 story you want to share? Click here to learn how to submit your story for a chance to be featured on our platform, ChannelKindness.org.

Pledge to Take Action

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