Feeding Houston

February 06, 2017

This month, as a continuation of our #KickOffForKindness and #KindLI experience in Houston, we are proud to share a blog from the Houston Food Bank. Did you know every dollar donated to the Houston Food Bank provides the equivalent of three meals for on person? Last year, the Houston Food Bank distributed 79,000,000 nutritious meals and in 2018, they’re aiming to beat that and serve 100,000,000 meals! You can find out more about their mission and get involved here: http://www.houstonfoodbank.org/get-involved/

The little girl who sits behind your child in school. The elderly friend who waves as you drive by. The co-worker, recently divorced with a couple of kids who shares her worries with you at the coffee pot. You may not realize it, but it’s possible that people you know – people like these – aren’t getting enough to eat.

Food insecurity in Texas affects one in six people – one in four children. A family medical emergency, job loss or other circumstances can drain financial resources and force people to choose between buying groceries and paying rent, or keeping the lights burning or paying any of the other expenses we all face.

The Houston Food Bank fills the pantries of 800,000 individuals in southeast Texas every year who need help in keeping food on the table. We do it through the generosity of people who open their hearts and hands to help neighbors and strangers who struggle with hunger. In addition to financial gifts, we receive gifts of time from tens of thousands of volunteers who help us process and prepare food for distribution through a network of 600 partner charities.

Hungry kids and seniors – our most vulnerable populations – really motivate us. We fill hungry tummies by sending home a sack of food with kids each weekend through the school year and another program that serves a nutritious meal we cook in our own kitchen for children at after-school sites. At the other end of the age spectrum, we distribute a box of food every month to thousands of seniors.

Doing something real about hunger is easy. Our website – houstonfoodbank.org – is the gateway. Make a gift online or register to volunteer. Your money and time will be put to good use. You might just be feeding someone you know.

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