Channel Kindness Radio | Stronger Than Stigma

August 05, 2020

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Born This Way Foundation’s Shadille Estepan interviews the Founder and CEO of Stronger Than Stigma®, Gabrielle Magid.

Stronger Than Stigma is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to creating meaningful experiences to ultimately prove that no one is alone in the struggle of mental health. With a “for us, by us” mission, Stronger Than Stigma® aims to advocate for the mental health of millennials through breaking down barriers in the mental health struggle.

Gabrielle Magid founded the non-profit while in college at the University of Florida and aims to grow the movement further. Today, they continue to highlight the stories of people who have persevered through their struggles and are examples of why we should never give up and seek help. You can see this in action in their most recent conversation MENtal Health Part 1: Male Leaders in the Mental Health Movement. Through these engagements and by showing the viewers that it’s ok to struggle and even better to ask for help, Gabrielle and the team at Stronger Than Stigma® are paving the way for a world without mental health stigma. Their #realtalk with Female CEOs and their journeys is another impactful conversation aiming to uplift the stories of overcoming struggles. Dialogues like these -online or in-person- are helping to build a world that prioritizes people and their overall wellbeing. While conversations help build awareness, taking the time to educate others, and practicing self-care about ways they can help themselves is also very valuable. Stronger Than Stigma® also aims to provide those exercises that can help us center ourselves and get back on track. Take their Breathwork Exercise with Benji Whitenack video, it’s entire purpose is to give us a new way in which we can better handle moments that feel overwhelming.


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